How to Manage Working Capital Effectively | Cinderella Story Episode 2

How Hylobiz supported Ayush to manage working capital by automating his business Get started with Hylobiz and manage working capital effectively

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how to manage working capital, Manage Working Capital

In the second episode of the “Cinderella Story,” a young entrepreneur named Ayush was introduced.

Ayush had a passion for making shoes and started his own shoe-making business in 2019. But he was struggling to manage his business as he had to juggle multiple tools, accounting systems, bank accounts, manual invoices, collections, reconciliations, and more.

Ayush’s cash conversion cycle was long, funds were limited, and he was facing cut-throat competition in the red ocean of the fashion market.

Ayush stumbled upon Hylobiz, a fintech solution that promised to simplify the financial operations of businesses like his.

With its powerful tools and easy-to-use platform, Ayush was able to digitize his invoices, automate collections, and reconcile accounts in real time.

Hylobiz’s platform automated many of Ayush’s financial processes, saving him time and money. He no longer had to worry about manually sending out invoices, reconciling payments, or chasing down late payments.

Hylobiz helped Ayush improve his cash flow by streamlining his invoicing and payment processes.

He was able to receive payments faster and manage his cash flow more efficiently with Hylobiz’s invoicing and payment tracking system. With Hylobiz’s automated payment reminders, Ayush was able to reduce overdue payments from his customers and focus on running his business instead of chasing down payments.

Hylobiz’s easy-to-use platform helped Ayush save time and resources, allowing him to focus on growing his business. Hylobiz offers a comprehensive dashboard that helps businesses track their invoices, receivables, and payables in real time.

This helped Ayush maintain an accurate financial profile, which is crucial when applying for loans. By showcasing a strong payment history and financial stability, Ayush improved his chances of getting access to loans.

how to manage working capital effectively, strategies to manage working capital

All of these technical features and capabilities of Hylobiz helped Ayush improve his working capital and run his business more efficiently.

He was no longer bogged down by manual financial processes or worried about cash flow issues.

Instead, he had the tools and support he needed to focus on growing his business and achieving his goals. In no time, Ayush’s business began to thrive. He was able to pay his suppliers on time and had enough cash flow to invest in new equipment and hire more employees.

Ayush’s small shoe-making business had become a success, and he was happy that he stumbled upon Hylobiz.

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