Hylobiz at GFF, Awards, Recognition, and Updates

Hylobiz is proud to be part of the GFF event. Hylobiz added more feathers to its cap, won awards, unlocked new achievements, and got featured in the top 30 fintech startups by inc42.

2 min readOct 12, 2022


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Hylobiz is proud to be a partner at the Global Fintech Fest and wants to thank the organizers and visitors of the event.

Global Fintech Fest 2022 promotes creating a sustainable financial world that is global, inclusive, and green. The speeches and discussions at the events include speakers from regulatory bodies, policymakers, and other partners.

Hylobiz had a delightful experience attending the Global Fintech Fest, showcasing its products and services to customers, industry leaders, policymakers, and experts.

Also, Our CEO, Vishal Gupta, shared his perspective on digital lending and fintech changing the SME finance scenario.

Listen to the full video here: https://youtu.be/e-253euTp04

Achievement unlocked

Recently, Hylobiz added one more feather to its cap by making it to the list of 30 Startups to Watch in the Fintech edition of Inc42.

In its top 30 startups to watch, inc42 recognizes the top startups solving bigger problems with innovative solutions.

Read more on our press release page: https://hylo.biz/press-release/

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