Hylobiz business heroes episode 3- QR Code

Hylobiz solved delayed payments with the QR code scanner solution of Lily without any downtime in delayed payments within clicks

2 min readApr 12


In this blog episode, we have a success story of a small business owner who struggled with delayed payments from a big order. The owner, Lily, waited several days for ways to collect payments, but nothing worked until her friend recommended Hylobiz. Hylobiz’s QR code feature where businesses can generate a QR code that their customers can scan to make payments.

Lily signed up for Hylobiz and generated a QR code for her flower shop. She then sent the code to the restaurant which had delayed payment. The QR code worked as a gentle and professional reminder, and the restaurant was happy to make the payment instantly without complicated financial processes.

Hylobiz provided benefits to both the seller and the buyer. The payment collection was faster, and real-time payment reconciliation helped manage cash flow better. Furthermore, automatic reminder systems helped keep track of pending invoices and receive payments on time.

Hylobiz’s QR code made payment collection easier, and Lily was happy with the results. She even recommended Hylobiz to her friends and other business owners, and many of them started using it too.

In conclusion, Hylobiz is a platform that offers a unique and innovative solution for businesses that struggle with delayed payments with its automatic reminder. The QR code feature is efficient and secure, making it a reliable choice for both sellers and buyers.

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