Hylobiz’s Experience at The Gurgaon Moms Summit 2022

Hylobiz is delighted to be the collections and credit partner at the Gurgaon moms achievers summit 2022 to support moms in their entrepreneurial journey.

2 min readAug 18, 2022


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We at Hylobiz got this great opportunity to attend the Moms Achievers Summit 2022 in Gurgaon.

About the Gurgaon Moms Community

Gurgaon Moms is a women’s community founded by Neela Kaushik. It started with a mission to provide space for mothers to speak their hearts out without any fear or thought.

It is impacting the lives of more than 33k+ women positively. They support and encourage each other to follow their passion by providing all the possible resources.

The Gurgaon moms community provides women with an opportunity to pursue their dream and start something of their own and has been an exponential partner in shaping many budding women entrepreneurs.

The forum takes care of women’s rights and drives awareness about social issues faced by women in society.

Hylobiz — Collections and credit partner at the summit

Hylobiz is also proud to be the collections and credit partner for The Mom Achievers Summit to encourage and support these self-made women entrepreneurs.

Hylobiz’s features like automated invoicing, collections, reconciliations and payment reminders take away the woes of a business.

And automation helps businesses with better efficiency, frees up employees’ time and boosts their business cash flows.

Hylobiz platform also supports connected banking and automatic reconciliation.

You can link your existing bank account to Hylobiz. With this, you enjoy reduced collection and payout time with a unified view of all your account balances.

We are also running a special offer for women entrepreneurs to support them in their growth journey.

Read more on this offer here: https://hylo.biz/breakthebiaseveryday/

Automate your invoicing and collections with Hylobiz: https://hylo.biz/book-demo/

Reach us at: support@hylo.biz

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