Meet Shyamli and Devanshi from FF21 — Building Communities of happiness and love!

3 min readMar 17, 2021

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Community Building is based on this principle, there is no hierarchy, no bosses, each community member contributes to grow, learn and expand. We are surrounded by communities — Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook these are all business model that worked with helping and forming communities of interest, family and work.

As this is Women’s week and we are taking inspirations from our women clients, our post is on about the team that is empowering community building and interestingly is all women’s team.

Meet FF21 team members Shyamli and Devanshi who are inspiring and leading the way with Community Building. FF21 is a community living space, where residents eat, drink and live together; where they laugh over a tumble and cry over a heartbreak; where their darkest secrets are shared over a drink and happiest moments shared over more drinks; where laughter, joy and fun go hand in hand. With communal lounges, social gatherings, hangout spaces, and community experiences, FF21 is where friendships are fostered and run so deep that it feels like one big happy family.

FF21 — Where friends become family.

Snippets of our email interview with them -

Hylobiz — FF21 — We at FF21’s believe in community building. In fact our core offering is a thriving community! We truly believe that being around people who you can share your passions, thoughts, emotions with makes you happier and even a better individual. And in this era of where people are plugged in, finding it difficult to actually meet people, take out time towards their interest areas, it is highly important that each of us get involved in some activity which introduces us to more people. And at FF21, this happens organically. Hylobiz — How do you channelize/strategize building the community? FF21 — We focus on three main areas while building our community: Why Community is important and need of the hour Hylobiz — Do you think with Digital transformation, its difficult to build communities? Or what inspires you to go digital or sustain in the Digital world what are your hacks?

With digital we have strategize community building under two aspects -

FF21 — Indeed Digital is the calling, and that’s where communities are helping to keep the human connection/bond entact. We need more of community building and that’s our motto at FF21.

Hylobiz -As this is women’s week and somewhere women with money have their struggles. So what do you think with money movement happening digitally, your take on its impact on women positively/negatively? FF21 — We think it is definitely having a positive effect on both women and men! With respect to women, with digitised banking, women feel more confident in managing their finances, it is easier to learn about different investment lines and make financial decisions independently.

For such a noble thought and work, we wish Shyamli, Devanshi and rest of the team of FF21 Good luck! Keep building, Keep spreading happiness!

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