Saral Designs Technology Solutions for Health and Hygiene

Two IIT graduates launched Saral Design to build machines that can produce menstrual hygiene products, creating an environment where menstrual hygiene is accessible to a greater number of people.

2 min readMay 18


Women still handle their periods in unsanitary ways in rural places. The nation required an answer to this problem. Realising the necessity, two IIT graduates came up with the concept of Saral Designs, starting their company with the goal of changing this statistic and concentrating on building an environment where women’s sanitary and menstrual needs are met.

Two friends launch a business to provide menstrual hygiene access to rural areas

Suhani Mohan and Kartik Mehta worked on creating high-speed, compact machines that can create sanitary napkins and numerous other period hygiene items. Within a few years of starting their business, they were successful in establishing circumstances that allowed more people to have access to menstruation hygiene.

We appreciate the Saral Designs team for their initiative!

By enhancing cost management, generating employment possibilities, and promoting menstrual hygiene awareness, they have significantly impacted the nation. Their endeavour has been successful, and their contribution to society is well appreciated.

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